Top 10 In-Demand Work from Home Jobs in 2022 and Beyond

Many people are accustomed to working in an office setting. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, companies were forced to send their employees to work from home.

Employers then rush to give them all the tools they need to have their work from home set up.

Traditional meetings and reporting suddenly changed to Zoom meetings and reporting. And as they pass by, it eventually dawns on them that employees can be productive and focused even if they are working from home. 

But still, not all of us have the same fate as others. Some became jobless and the unemployment rate hit double digits for the first time. 

But hey, the good news here is that there’s still hope left for all of us. The job opportunities for WFH are growing as many businesses are now shifting to the idea of getting remote workers. In fact, you can now find a wide array of opportunities online now if you are looking to shift your career to work from home. The best part of this is that the openings vary depending on your work experience levels. So check out our list below to see the in-demand WFH posts all over the world.

10 work-from-home jobs currently high in demand for you to consider

1. Virtual Assistant

This provides administrative support from the comfort of your own home and schedule. Virtual assistants can assist with a variety of tasks, including scheduling and email management. VAs can also help businesses with social media strategy and event organizing. You can do the tasks at a flexible time whether full-time or part-time to work from home. There is no standard rate for a virtual assistant but the average salary is $10 to $28 / hour. This can change depending on your years of experience and skill sets.

2. Teacher / Tutors

Schools were also disrupted, and the sudden shift to remote teaching occurred in just a snap of a finger. Educators are in demand for work-from-home jobs too. You can offer your expertise and talents by teaching online. Whether you want to teach full-time or part-time, kindergarten or grad school, Computer Science, or a subject you are passionate about, you can get an assurance that you’ll get a spot online. Know that the pay varies greatly based on what you teach and your level of skill.

3. Transcriptionist

This job involves listening to audio and translating it into long-form text. If you can listen and type, you can be a transcriptionist. No prior experience is needed and usually, companies provide on-the-job training. You’ll need a computer and a good internet connection to get started. Plus, you can earn competitive rates while working from home.

4. Bookkeeper

Keep your accounting knowledge at home and offer your skills as an online Bookkeeper. This is a great career for entry-level workers that are good with numbers and those with a degree that is related to this field. Most bookkeeping work-from-home jobs involve tracking and reporting. If you are interested in getting into this work, it is important that you must be efficient, professional, and precise in order to succeed in this field. The bookkeeper’s salary is around $12 to $25/ hour. You can also have the freedom to declare your rate according to the value you put into your services.

5. Writer

Do you have a passion for writing? Writers had been growing in popularity during the pandemic and have been one of the high-paying work-from-home jobs as of writing. Work from home freelance writers create creative content for their clients. You may write articles for newspapers, magazines, or blog posts. For these jobs, your goal is to attract more page clicks from the target audience through your write-ups. A freelance writer can expect total compensation of 6 figures online. 

6. Customer Service Representative 

You may be surprised by the rise in demand for customer service. You can help consumers over the phone for a variety of organizations in a variety of industries, including retail, health care, technology, and everything in between. You can also provide your services online, and assist clients via email or online chat. To get into this job, you need to have a strong internet connection and effective communication skills. So if you are into communication and problem-solving, this can be a perfect work-from-home job for you. Rate for this position is around $10/hour.

7. SEO Specialist

SEO professionals examine and analyze websites, discovering content and design flaws that may be causing them to fall behind. They also suggest ways to improve them for more chances of getting traffic and many other profitable opportunities. Many businesses are looking for full-time, part-time, and contract employees to fill this type of employment. So if you are up for this, be ready to get an average hourly pay of $12 to $28.

8. Sales Agent

The modern salesman is simply working from home. Companies in a variety of industries, including finance, technology, and health care, are constantly searching for star salespeople with varying levels of expertise. There are also some sales job posts that will require their candidates to have a sales license most especially if you will work in the insurance field. With that being the case, you expect to get an average of $10 to $20 for an insurance sales agent. 

9. Translator

If you are bilingual, this opens several work-from-home opportunities, including bilingual contact centers, translation employment, interpretation, localization, online education, and more. Of course, in addition to your language skills, each of these positions may require a distinct set of skills. Job opportunities will also vary depending on the language you speak. An average of $10 to $39 per hour if you’ll pursue this work-from-home job. And a high pay of as much as $19 to $62 per hour.

10. Software Engineer

Work from home software engineers plan, write, test, and edit programs and applications. Workers in the technology field should be able to do work from home because 100% of work can usually be done online. Additionally, online markets such as FreeUp, Remote, and Upwork have plenty of full-time listings for software engineers and developers. 

Working from Home is the New Normal

Ultimately mastering the specific skills aforementioned is all you need to enjoy all the benefits of working from home. Proper training and practice are required to become more successful. All in all, working from home is now our future of work and will definitely stay here for a longer period of time. So utilize what you’ve got, learn to adapt to these changes, and surely we will succeed in no time.