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The role of the People Services Quality Assurance Auditor is to provide support to the People Service Specialist and to ensure that the VCA People Services team delivers on VCAs commitment to Providing World Class Service. The Auditor will be responsible for reviewing daily audit reports to ensure Data integrity and perform routine phone monitoring along with providing quality feedback and coaching to a specialist on how to obtain a higher level of customer success and experience based on industry standards. This role will also work closely with the manager, supervisors, and leads to provide recommendations on how to optimize and improve current processes and procedures along with developing and reporting on the status of quality provided by the team.


  • Full Cycle management of quality assurance policies for overall success of the VCA People Services Team.
  • Motivates deficient associates with a focus on producing quality results that meet the standards set forth by the organization.
  • Uses innovative approaches to resolve unusual/difficult issues that significantly impact important associate quality metrics.
  • Anticipates problems, then develops solutions/action plans to ensure program success.
  • Completes multiple project/programs goals within established guidelines.
  • Lead QA reviews that require the participation of team associates in assessing the adequacy and quality of Service Quality.
  • Design review scopes and develop individual work-programs for associate performance and aggregate/calibrate results into recommendations and process improvements.
  • Produce executive summaries and communicate results (verbal and written), including sharing difficult feedback and defending conclusions related to the quality and judgment presented in the associate‚Äôs work.
  • Track and monitor the status of open findings from QA and external reviews by performing timely follow-up activities to ensure business line corrective actions have addressed the underlying root causes.
  • Develop an appropriate understanding of business line operations, strategies, risks and risk management practices by engaging on ongoing monitoring and stakeholder outreach activities as inputs to the QA risk assessment and planning process.
  • Facilitate open and timely communication with senior management, business line contacts, and other key stakeholders to ensure that the broadest possible perspective on supervisory review issues and teamwork products are considered, conflicts are diffused, and knowledge is optimally transferred.
  • Actively participate in local QA to address pain points or improvement opportunities for the QA program.
  • Participate in annual QA Risk Assessment and Review Planning process.
  • Act as the behind-the-scenes reviewer by providing timely feedback on work products, thereby training more junior and/or new staff to be future reviewers-in-charge.
VCA Animal Hospitals

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