Flexible Work from Home Jobs is the New Normal

Work from home jobs? Yes, hallelujah! People can smell hope for getting through this coronavirus pandemic. But, here comes the thought of going back to the office. With all these changes, what can we expect regarding the working environment? What are the odds outside, and are you willing to go back to how it used to be two years ago?

While some companies will allow their employees to decide if they would prefer a hybrid working arrangement where they can work from home and then office. Have you decided yet to consider working from home again or you will just go with whatever your company’s decision may be?

Great! I just put you on a hot seat there. This is a tough decision to make. And to help you deal with this kind of undertaking, here are some things to ponder on this matter.

Work from Home Jobs and Its Benefits

As more and more people are remotely working from home. Some of you may wonder about its benefits. Why is it on hype? Is working from home a perfect idea for me to try?  First, work from home jobs already exist even before the pandemic. Then, after office-based workers’ experience working from home, it has come to them that it is now ideal because it provides convenience, freedom, and other benefits of staying home to work.

Second, the wide array of opportunities for in-demand jobs across the world is growing.  Lastly, companies are now offering competitive compensation with the increased demand for these work-from-home jobs. As a result, people are now focused on learning and finding ways for long-term work-from-home jobs.

With that being said, there are a wide array of opportunities worldwide that are currently accessible to get remote work from home jobs. Check out those who strongly recognize the efficiency of having employees who can work from anywhere.  

Here Are the Companies that You Might Want to Become a Part Of

1. Amazon

Founded by Jeff Bezos and its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington.The largest online retailer in the world. Its purpose is to meet all of its client’s demands and to help them “find whatever they could wish to buy online.” Furthermore, with such a high number of consumers, more manpower is required to meet all of their needs. Amazon is now with over 100 million people around the world working for them. They also have work-from-home jobs for international candidates who are motivated and qualified to work with its flexible schedule, part-time and full-time. 

2. HubSpot

Its main office is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. HubSpot has been named one of the Best Places to Work by Glassdoor and one of Entrepreneur magazine’s Best Small and Medium Workplaces. The company has transitioned to a hybrid, remote-office strategy and provides advantages to its on-site employees. HubSpot has offices worldwide and supports clients in different counties, making more jobs available to all aspiring virtual assistants to work from home. 

3. Oracle 

A cloud application and platform service company located in Redwood Shores, California. The company offers a large number of services such as fully integrated cloud applications, platforms, and engineered methods. Oracle hires individuals who want to make a difference with their work and strives to hire only the best candidates, while also providing challenging career options. The organization has advertised employment in the field of software development, computer & IT, marketing, consulting, and project management with flexible schedules, freelance, hybrid, and 100 % remote options. Making it more convenient for associates to work from home. 

4. Citizens Bank 

One of the oldest financial institutions in the United States, Citizens bank is located in Providence, Rhode Island. A company that promotes a customer-focused approach with services of financial and banking services. In terms of work, they give flexibility through part-time, freelance, hybrid, flexible schedules, and work-from-home jobs for accounting and finance, mortgage & real estate experts, and the like. Competitive benefits are waiting for highly qualified candidates who have work from home jobs, such as health insurance, generous paid time off, retirement plans, etc. 

5. Salesforce

Salesforce is located in San Francisco, California. Recognized as a customer success platform and the world’s #1 CRM, helps a wide range of businesses type. The companys’ mantra favored flexibility, connection, and productivity from anywhere and saying “goodbye to old ways of working.” This flexibility is part of their Success from Anywhere culture, which fosters redefining the future of work in our digital-first world. Salesforce has offered flexible scheduling and freelancing roles in addition to 100% remote and hybrid possibilities.

6. Verizon

Verizon is an award-winning, global communication company from New York, New York. Verizon services are a variety of IT, managed network, and telecom services worldwide.  They offered part-time, alternative schedule, freelance, hybrid, and 100% work-from-home jobs. In 2014, named the No. 1 remote company by Fortune Magazine. These opportunities have been available in fields like operations, computer & IT, retail, and sales & marketing.

After reading about all of these organizations that provide more work from home jobs with a flexible schedule, you may find it easier to decide. But you know you’re not the only one considering such a change. As the demand for chances grows, so does the level of competition among hopefuls.

Therefore, your attitude towards willingness to learn and acquire new skills will be your first step to standing out in this kind of workplace. Nevertheless, working in general, whether in the office or working from home, is a  privilege that not everyone can have, but can be a choice, particularly in the ‘new normal. Make sure to weigh in all your options and consider your alternatives. Who knows, you might soon be known as a rockstar freelancer.